Finance Tips: 10 Freebies’ Heavens

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The best thing for everyone is a good deal but the best of the best is freebie. The real free item, means no purchase necessary. This is also one of the best way to save your financial condition. Here are the places:

1. Kmart

This website is also freebies’ heaven. If you visit this site, do not forget to come to the SampleCenter. Each week there are numbers of manufacturers offering their samples here start from detergents to perfume.


This store does not give free furniture but there is free meal. This Swedish furniture shop is willing to give their foods for the shoppers which is usually free breakfast. When you visit this store on Saturday to Monday before 11 a.m. You can have a platter with bacon, eggs, hash brown plus a cup of coffee.

3. Bath&Body Works

This shop offers various new samples every time they launch new product. Their samples are usually published on Facebook so it would be good if you check their Facebook regularly. There are a lot of samples for fragrance and soaps as well as coupons.

4. Victoria’s Secret

This famous female underwear brand also gives their freebies away. If you see their catalog, you will find a coupon to get free panties along the year. Some of the deals are buying small boxes of truffles and use the coupon code to get free panties plus a tote bag if you want to shop there.

5. Amazon’s Kindle Store

Try to find your free ebook here. There are a lot of books offered here for free. It is totally free with no purchase required to get the book. This is a heaven for Kindle owner since most of the ebooks are available for Kindle edition.

6. Target

Samples are offered for free from this store. The offer last for everyone without buying anything. You don’t even have to come to the store since the samples are listed on its website. The only thing to do is just clicking on your preferred samples on its websites. Make sure you check the page regularly.

7. Wal-Mart

Don’t forget to step on free sample table at Walmart. This store offers various kinds of samples for their customer and they are free. You can check on its websites to see which company will hold an event in this store. Who knows what samples are offered during that event, it can surprisingly fun.

8. Giveaway of The Day

Freebie can come everyday. Giveaway of The Day offers free software which can be downloaded everyday. Each day there are various software offered for free. The offer might be simple but you can check if there is the latest update for your software.

9. Sears Outlet

Note this, every Tuesday Sears will give a coupon to get one free item for clothing. This offer is good for store only so you need to come at the store. The coupon is good for clearance item only. In order to redeem it, you need to shop your way rewards member. The simpler way is following the Facebook of Sears outlet stores.

10. Panda Express

Get the chance to get free meal from this site. This Chinese Fast food chain offers a new product’s samples. You will be able to have free coupon to eat their new samples and don’t complaint with the portion since it’s free.

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