Finance Tips: 6 popular smartphone apps to manage personal finance

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Almost everyone owns smartphones nowadays. But not all people know how to manage finance. If you are among the mob who owns smartphones but don’t really know how to handle your savings and expenses, why don’t you get financial apps for your smartphones? So many apps out there but perhaps you only care about entertainment and stuff. It’s time to get the maximum benefit of smartphones by completely taking advantage of the features offered by the sophisticated device. Smartphones with either iOs or Android can use the apps listed below.

1. Debt Dog
This financial app is created as a credit card debt tool that will present the users the real cost of the stuff that they buy on their credit card. The app totes up the item’s interest that you plan to purchase over a certain period of time. The app will be very useful particularly when the holiday season comes as the temptations are everywhere out there during the time.

2. Expenditure
Expenditure can track all the expenses that you make. The app enables you to get the display of the trade. The function is pretty much like a checkbook. You can put pictures and notes there.

3. Toshl
Similar to Expenditure, Toshl is an expenses tracker for iPhone but it has an additional feature by which you can have the synchronization of the reports of your expenses with your PC/Laptop. Free basic app is available.

4. GasBuddy
You can use this app to find the nearest gas stations along with the dissection of the prices of each gas station.

5. ShopSavvy
When you are on a holiday season, this app will be extremely useful. By using the app, you can scan the barcodes of the products you want to buy in order to compare it to the other similar products you find in different places.

6. Tiptap
Android users can sum up their gratuity by using this app. Tax splitting features are available on the app.

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