Finance Tips: 6 ways to set a frugal New Year’s Eve party

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Hello, folks! New Year’s Eve is standing right in front of our face. Have you prepared for the celebrations? Well, with the great recession that we have to deal with today, it is okay if you have a more frugal celebration than last year’s party. Simple celebration cannot lessen the fun of the party, though. You only need to know what to do to hold a fantastic New Year’s Eve party. Look into the tips we provide below for you to help.

1. Private party
Private party makes the guests feel more intimate between one to another. Invite people you consider as the closest friends. You can build a friendly and fun atmosphere during the party because you know each other well. No useless conversations.

2. Take advantage of internet
Now that almost everyone has access to the Internet, invitations can be sent by using the network. It’s more economical than the conventional use of paper invitations. Facebook may be the best medium to invite the people you want to attend your party.

3. Leave “artificial” eating utensils
The use of paper or plastic cups and plates will cost more money than the use of real glasses and plates even though they look cheap. I prefer wash my dirty dishes than use plastic cups so that I can just throw them into the trash can and contribute to the global warming. Why everyone so “artificial” today?

4. Fill, fill, fill
Frugal party doesn’t mean lack of food. You just need to seek a way to ensure the guests have enough food during the party. Chocolate and cheese fondue can be a great option. Soul warming chili and meatballs also sound fantastic, and less expensive.

5. Jell-o option
I don’t know but I always have a great time when there is Jell-o served in a party. Just maximize your creativity to present attractive Jell-o serving. It’s easy and extraordinarily cheap.

6. Potluck party
If you really don’t have an enough budget to hold a party by yourself, just tell all your closest friends to have a potluck party together. Obviously, you can have save much money by celebrating New Year’s Eve with a potluck party.


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