Finance Tips: Read these tips before you get married

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Before you decide to give your words to your to-be spouse, it is strongly recommended that you have all the stuff prepared in the first place. What are the stuff, by the way? Besides mental preparation, you have to make sure you are also ready financially. It is publicly known that money is one of the most common problems that spark a divorcement. So, since you have known about the worst case scenario when you are not financially prepared, make sure you get everything according to the plan.

1. Brainstorming
The very first thing to do is sitting together and talking about the financial condition of each other. Be honest, tell all the problems and find the solution together.

2. Seek for advice
If you find the problems are too difficult to solve, go ask some advice from the experts. Financial consultant will help you find the way out of your financial matters.

3. Preparing budget
Budgeting is very important because it is like setting the goal of our future. If you commit to your budget, surely you can achieve your goal. Include personal expenses and emergency savings in the budget.

4. Preparing emergency fund
Save for emergency fund as early as possible. You don’t want to put yourself in trouble when something unexpected happens in the future.

5. Appoint the finance boss
Choose one between you and your spouse, who will be in charge in the family to manage the finance. The appointed one should have expertise, at least basic, in handling expenses in particular and managing family finance in general.

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