Finance Tips: Top 5 credit card pay off calculator

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You will need a credit card pay off calculator to know how much you have to pay to remove the debt quicker and how long it will take to extinguish the burden. The calculator tools are abundant on Internet, but here we bring you the top 5 credit card pay off calculators.

CNN Money’s Debt Reduction Planner
You can enter up to eight credit cards information here. The minimum only payment option will lead you to the information telling about how much principal and interest you will eventually pay and how long it will need to take to pay off the credit cards. The calculator will show you the information of how much you should pay every month to meet the timeline of you enter a debt free deadline.

YoungMoney.com’s debt repayment calculator gives you a feature to compare pay off times at your today’s payment made each month at an increased monthly payment. You can factor in an annual fee, too. You can sum up the credit card pay off based on the period as well.

Bankrate’s Credit Card Calculator
This is a simple calculator that allows you to get the period of repayment for one credit card. To know when you can live without debt, just enter the monthly payment amount.

The debt repayment calculator from Money-Zine.com will give you information about how much money you save by raising the debt payments of yours. Just enter the amount of the debt, current payment made each month and interest rate.

By using the debt snowball calculator, you can enter up to 20 credit cards information. You will have options whether to pay off the debts lowest balance first or those who get higher interest first.

Credit Card Finder
Credit card repayment calculator from Credit Card Finder allows you to enter up to nine credit cards information including interest rate, balance, current monthly payment and additional payment. For your future reference, you can download your repayment spreadsheet from the website.


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